Activists label Southeast Polk university board member’s posts anti-LGBTQ

A group of local community users is speaking out about a Southeast Polk faculty board member’s social media postings, which they say are anti-LGBTQ.

The school board member, Whitney Smith McIntosh, claims they are making false and biased accusations.

Two of the activists explained they had deep issues about intolerance and bullying in educational institutions during general public comments to the board in June. In interviews with the Des Moines Sign-up, Nicole Pike and Sarah Ashby made crystal clear their issues were about Smith McIntosh, who was elected in November.

The two claimed quite a few of Smith McIntosh’s Facebook postings have been homophobic, transphobic and make colleges unsafe for LGBTQ students amid what they see as an ongoing bullying problem and a growing climate of intolerance. 

“For college students to see that, that’s unsafe, because that’s just one more human being who is piling on the hate,” stated Ashby, who graduated from Southeast Polk colleges in 2010 and at the moment life in Des Moines.

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They believe that Smith McIntosh is not upholding the board’s code of conduct or searching out for all college students.